Written Guarantees and Factory Warranties – Roofer Pros

Garner peace of mind guarantees

Lifetime Roof installation guarantee

We will install your roof to all manufacturer-specified standards. If you're not satisfied with any areas of the installation we will return and correct the concern at no additional cost to you.

Professionally clean up guarantee

Roofing and roof removals can be very messy and is in fact one of the #1 complaints by consumers who have hired roofers. At Roofer Pros, we not only make it a promise, but we also guarantee to have your property cleaned of debris to your satisfaction, or we will come back at no additional cost to you to complete the cleanup.

No "property damage" guarantee

Unfortunately, not all contractors take the same care and time to protect your property or home during the installation process. We at Roofer Pros take the utmost care in protecting your home and we guarantee no damage to the home, inside or out. This also includes outdoor yard items. We do ask that you move, remove, or notify us, of any irreplaceable items.

Permit and title 24 guarantee

Roofer Pros includes all necessary permits for all new roof installations. Along with the permit, Roofer Pros also includes Energy forms and/or solutions such as Cool roofs or attic insulations, that meet title 24 ca compliant.

Workmanship guarantee

Roofer Pros has the best installers in the industry. Every installer is drug tested, background checked, professionally trained, and uniformed employees. Our employees are kind, polite, courteous, and friendly. They will not curse or smoke in or around your home. They take personal pride in their workmanship and personally guarantee their installation. They will ensure your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with one of our employee's conduct, please contact us right away.

Licensed and insured guarantee

Over 80% of roofing contractors do not carry adequate insurance while working in your home leaving you and your property at very high risk! Roofer Pros carries the highest policies in the industry and has been professionally licensed with the state of Ca for over 27 years.

Professional staff Garner employees

Every shingle will be installed 100% by W-2 hourly-paid Roofer Pros employees. We use our own drug tested, background checked, professionally trained staff. This keeps us from using sub­contractors or paying "peace work". We install at the highest level of quality, which is why we pay our employees an hourly wage, instead of a commission-based pay structure. By eliminating the need for sub-contractors, the risk for mistakes or damages is reduced, while the quality of work delivered is increased.

Lowest price guarantee

Roofer Pros guarantees up to 30 days after installation, that you cannot find an apple-to-apples comparison, in writing, for a complete new-roof installation or we will happily beat the written estimate by $250!

100% money-back guarantee

We at Roofer Pros are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your new roofing system. If your roof was not installed to not only the manufacturer’s specifications but also your satisfaction within the first full year that we will refund 100% of your investment. If you're not satisfied for any reason, all that we ask is that you call and inform us of the concern. If we cannot correct, resolve, or come to an agreement about the concern within 30 days of notification, we will happily refund your entire investment. *Ask the Representative for full details.

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