About Us – Roofer Pros Company

Roofer Pros is the premier residential roofing company in El Dorado County

Roofer Pros, a licensed roofing contractor in this unique environment since 1991, we understand the importance of quality materials and workmanship to stave off the effects of harsh sun exposure. The abundant sun and the many rainy days for which California is famous, make the choice of roofing materials very important. We specialize in all your roofing needs such as roof repairs, roof replacements, maintenance programs, and everything related to the roof. Our team of professionals strives to serve the community with their roof requirements in a timely manner, without compromising on its quality and providing the absolute best work which you choose Roofer Pros for. We believe in not only providing you with a roof but also services under one roof.
We would like to work with you on your new roofing project. Not only do we offer all types of residential and light commercial roofs, but we also have the best WRITTEN warranties and guarantees in the business. Contact us for more information.