Roof Maintenance in Sacramento County, California – Roofer Pros

Roof Maintenance and Inspection

In an effort to provide better customer support, Roofer Pros will also come and do a roof inspection and maintenance on a regular basis (every year).  We clean, maintain and inspect for any type of damage to avoid potential problems. The underlayment or wood supporting your roofing tiles might need to be replaced due to years of wear, or there might be another problem

Roof MaintenanceTile roofs need annual maintenance and the valleys need to be removed, inspected, cleaned and reinstalled. 80% of tile roof leaks are due to plugged valleys and lack of maintenance.  If you have a tile roof call us today for a special $69 roof inspection

We offer temporary covering or permanent repair 24 hours a day with fast friendly service. Click Here to Learn More

We also bring to you the power of the Sun through our Solar division. Get in touch and claim the incredible discounts we offer, when you bundle Roofing and Solar.