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Asphalt composition shingles, flat tiles, curve tiles, TPO, PVC, RUBBER, peel and stick, torch down, wood shake, metal, standing seam, stone coated steel, corrugated steel

Pro: Composition is a lifetime roof with little maintenance if done right and installed correctly by the right contractor

Pro: Tile roofs look nice
Con: Tile roofs are expensive, leak a lot and require a lot of maintenance from cracking and settling

Pro: Rubber roofs last longer and are a lower cost than torch down or peel and stick and energy efficient
Con: They only come in white tan or grey

Pro: Metal roofs are nice looking and last up to 50 years
Con: very costly roof most expensive roof install doesn’t always look as nice unless it’s a brand-new home site not energy efficient

Annual roof maintenances and inspections should be done annually to prevent any repair problems
Not always most roof leaks can be repaired unless your roof is past it’s normal life span.
Options vary per home type, location, budget and building department. It’s best to have a roofing specialist come visit your home to do an evaluation and review all options for you specifically.
Roof repair is never a DIY project. You only want a trained certified professional to stand behind a repair and guarantee it.
A roof replacement depending on the company can vary by contractor, roof pitch, location and roof type. A new roof could anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks. There are too many variables to give a specific answer.
Gutters are not required to be changed with a new roof, however they will need additional flashing installed if you choose to reuse them. Or if they are rusted or in poor condition they will be recommended to be replaced. It saves money on gutter installation to replace gutters during a roof install while the old roof has been removed.
Depending on the contractor. Most homeowners only need to make sure vehicles are out of the driveway so that our trucks can access the home and any satellite dishes mounted directly on top the roof be relocated by their satellite cable provider. Any animals or family members affected by loud noises from nail guns might want to leave the home for a day.
There are many options for quality when replacing your roof, but most roofs are lifetime roofs nowadays when installed correctly by a professional trained company.
Roofs vary in price as much as human beings and hair colors. It’s worth making an appointment to meet with a roofing specialist for an educational meeting even if you’re only in the budgeting stage. It doesn’t cost anything but your time.
Annual roof expenses can be budgeted by joining our ROOF CARE CLUB this annual preventative maintenance should eliminate or reduce any possible leak or repair cost Our maintenance plans start as little as $19.95 month and this also includes gutter cleaning.
Then you hired the wrong contractor. If in the event of a new roof leak rarity Garner roofing offers 24-hour service and will repair the leak at no cost to the home owner. Garner roofing also guarantees all our work in writing and still serve our same customers we did 28 years ago.